2022 National Agent Conference of VERYPOWER was successfully held


On May 27th, 2022 National Agent Conference of VERYPOWER was successfully held in our Wuhan factory. Mr. Li Jinwu, General Manager of the factory, Mr. Yang Wannan, Deputy General Manager of the factory and Mr. Zhang Mingsong, the domestic sales director, representatives of the company's sales team, product center team, application support team, customer service team and agents from all over the Nation gathered together to draw a new blueprint for opportunities and development.


At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Li Jinwu, General Manager of Wuhan factory, on behalf of the company, extended a warm welcome to all the partners and thanked all the agent and partners for their timely attendance in spite of their busy schedule firstly, especially during the epidemic period, which fully demonstrated the close cooperative relationship between the VERYPOWER and the agents. Mr. Li said that he felt very happy to see our agents from all over the country step to a new level and develop continuously. We hope that all agents and partners will put forward valuable suggestions to the company based on their own business experience through this meeting, and strive to get more projects. The company will continue to open resources to share with everyone, continue to enlarge the limited superior resources, lay a solid foundation for future development, and jointly create a new situation of cooperation.


In the following meeting, the company leaders had a face-to-face discussion with the agent partners. They have deep discussion and experience exchange on the company's market regional environment differences, product competitiveness, brand platform competitiveness, talent team competitiveness, marketing and other existing problems and future planning. All partners has made their positive suggestions and brought the atmosphere of the meeting to a climax.


On May 28th, as the Dragon Boat Festival eve, we came to the beautiful Honghu city, and carried out a dragon boat friendly competition which is full of passion and challenge with our agents from all over the country.


The dragon boat friendly competition, not only showed the unique personal style of each team member, but also reflected the excellent team spirit, drew closer the friendship between the agency partners and VERYPOWER. Let everyone get full relaxation after busy work, and got the unanimous affirmation and praise of the agency partners.